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This blog's motto is to cook, create and decorate!

Hi, my name is Melissa, and The Whimsical Wife is my creative playground and peek into my life as a stay at home mum. I am an avid baker and cook, who always has the itch to create and loves to sniff out a bargain while learning to juggle three kids in tow. I like to create budget friendly, DIY projects, craft and decorating ideas, and developing fast and family friendly food with allergies in mind. Peanut butter and chocolate are my vices, and I am is addicted to op shopping and buying vintage kitchenware.

I first started my blog back in 2010 to document the renovation of our old 80's brick home which then turned into showcasing my creative endeavors in the kitchen and beyond. I am passionate about being budget friendly with all my projects food and craft included. Sniffing out a bargain gives me a kick, and I love creating things on a dime.  I am a true foodie at heart and get anxious when it has been a few days since I have stepped foot into my kitchen. My fingers are always itching to create, so I always need to have a project on the go to satisfy this urge. 

I think there is always a little room for something naughty for dessert. Everything in moderation I say.  I suffer from a dairy allergy so some of the recipes I share cater for this.

 I am a passionate food photographer and when I get a free moment. I love to be behind the lens making food look beautiful. If you would like to use any of my photographs or are interested in hiring me for some food photography work, please Contact Me. For more ways, we can work together visit my Work With Me page. You can view my portfolio here.

When I'm not cooking or renovating furniture you can find me curled up in my  favourite wing back chair reading a book - most likely a cookbook, crafting, gardening or out visiting Op shops or garage sales sniffing out a bargain. I live in the lovely state of Queensland, Australia with my sweet Husband, our dog Abby,  big brother J.D,  Miss H and Little Miss A . I appreciate you dropping by and make sure you say hello!

Hope to see you again.....


If you are interested in working with The Whimsical Wife, please view my Work With Me page for more information.